Listen: DJ 5ifth Element – “Wu-Tang is for the Children: Vol. 1 Mix”

Chicago’s very own Dj 5ifth Element has blessed us with yet another banging mix following his ode to Dilla. This time around his needle landed in Shaolin with this Wu-Tang mix. Check out Wu-Tang is for the Children: Vol.1.

Wu Tang is 4 the children Vol.1 by 5ifth Element on Mixcloud

Two’s Day: Two to Celebrate

Here we are at the last Two’s Day of this Black History Month series. And I’d say it’s time to celebrate. We aren’t just celebrating our culture, but the universal culture in which we’ve made significant contributions to. We are celebrating our resilience. We are celebrating our strength.

For years we’ve been fighting for the opportunity to be human. To be given the same rights to humanity that are freely given to the descendants of this nation’s “forefathers”. We haven’t been fighting because we wanted to, we’ve been fighting because we have to. We’ve had so many victories along our journey and have overcome many trials and tribulations. We’ve built bridges to cross into environments where we were shun. We’ve constructed houses of our own when they said we couldn’t live in theirs.

We went from chattel to CEOs. From being owned to becoming owners. And although we have quite a ways to go (Re: Eric Garner, John Crawford, Mike Brown, etc), we have so much to celebrate. Through our progress, we’ve turned our tears into resounding sounds of triumph. A rhythm that can’t be muffled or silenced. Let’s keep progressing until the whole world is dancing.


James Brown – “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”

Stevie Wonder – “Black Man”