Album Review: The Clipse “Til the Casket Drops”

Thisaintthat Album Review
Clipse-Til the Casket Drops
Hell had no fury for the brothers from VA and they are back again with their third release compliments of Columbia Records “Til the Casket Drops.”  As ominous an album title the duo put an abundance of their life into this third effort with songs like the opening track Freedom where a declaration is made about the friends and family lost as a result of being involved in this music industry, to the curtain closer Life Change where lines like ” Foul and flagrant I was taken off course/the road ahead should have ended me in divorce/but now I see clearly with a family of four/never did I deserve a two seater porsche” provide an almost personal connection for the listener with a scenario that many men have or are currently going through.  Of course the album does not go without songs that describe tales of crack sales, the campaign for a snitch free america and tawdry affairs with women of exotic cultures but these days whose album doesn’t.  The handful of features offer the proper support with Chi-Town’s finest “Kanye to the” on Kinda like a Big Deal, the original Diplomat Cam’ron resurfaced on Popular Demand, Memphis representative Yo Gotti showed love on Showing Out with an all to familiar backward spun sample recreated quite nicely by the Neptunes, Ab Liva (standing member of the ReUp Gang) and of course no good album goes without R&B hooks provided by Keri Hilson and Nicole Hurst.  With most of the production provided by the Neptunes, the remaining tracks by Sean C & LV and DJ Khalil will assure that this tandem will remain alive in the ears and the speakers of your avid listeners and artists the same.
Signing Out,
Just1 a.k.a “I got my own opinion my n*gga”


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