Artist of the Week: Raheem Devaughn

Day 3

It’s hard for me to say that I have a favorite Raheem Devaughn song, but this is as close as it gets.  “Believe it I ain’t like most men, I aint like them others that you dealt with in your past!”  Peep the end of the song, the boy goes in!!! 

“Believe”  The Love Experience

This next joint shows Raheem laying down pain and struggle over an Isley Brothers soul sample.  If you listen hard enough, I bet you can identify with 1/3 of the things that he is singing about.

“Until”  The Love Experience

Day 2

“Love Drug”  Love Behind the Melody

[I tried to tell a girl that she was my drug and she thought I was crazy.  This brother compares a woman’s love to drugs and the shit is bangin. My man said, “You’re pure as snow from Columbia, you keeps it tight for me like zip locks…” ]

“Text Message”

Straight baby makin music…  What more can I say

Day 1

This week’s artist is none other than Mr. Raheem Devaughn.  Since his inception into the industry, Raheem’s talent has been evident.  He was one of the first artist that really gave me an understanding of what a true artist is.  He is a vocalist, song writer, and producer.  If you are familiar with his work, then you know that creating heart-felt songs for the ladies comes easy to Mr. Devaughn which is displayed through the lead singles for both of his commercial releases.

“You”  The Love Experience

This is the song that introduced Raheem to the world.  This is one of those records that we will throw on 20 years from now and it will STILL sound brand new.   If this wasn’t enough, Raheem gave the ladies another anthem with the lead single from his second album.

“Woman”  Love Behind the Melody

This song always makes me think of all the beautiful  women that are and have been in my life.  My beautiful mother, my great aunt,  (RIP to the both of you) close female friends, and all the lovely ladies that walk the Earth.  This song is for you.  Raheem single handedly proved that there is more to R&B than just pelvic thrusting and dancing, but true emotion and appreciation for the opposite sex can be communicated as well.

We will have more from our artist of the week as the week moves on, but for now, enjoy a few more selections and if you haven’t bought Raheem’s albums, go out and get both now.  (He has a new project that will drop in March.  Read about that here

“Desire”  Love Behind the Melody [This song is cold blooded!]

“Guess Who Loves You More”  The Love Experience [ANOTHER timeless record!!!]



For a decade and a half, Jay-Z has dropped over 15 albums, countless quotables, numerous subliminals, and sold over 35 million records.  Today, we are gonna go left and take a look at what is often overlooked when it comes to Jigga and his albums; the intros.  Jay has created some gems to start his albums which typically gets you ready for the entire body of work.  Say what you want, the man is nice and we will pay homage by listing what we feel are the top 5 intros by the Jigga man!

5.) “Hova Song” Volume 3 Life and Times of S. Carter

4.) “The Prelude” Kingdom Come

Quotable: I use to think rhyming at 38 was ill, but last year alone I grossed 38 mill, I know I aint quite 38 but still, the flow so special got a 38 fill… 

3.) “Can’t Knock the Hustle” Reasonable Doubt [yes this was the intro]

2.) “A million and 1 questions/Rhyme No More” Volume I: In my lifetime

Quotable: I used to be OT applying the force, shoot up the whole block, then the iron I toss, come back with the click playing Dianna Ross, I’m the boss and this is how its gone be…

1.) “The Dynasty Intro” The Dynasty

Quotable: Got a strange way of seeing life like I’m, Stevie Wonder with beads under the due rag, my intuition is there even when my vision is impaired yeah… I move with biscuits, stop the heart of nigg@$ acting too suspicious, this is food for thought, you do the dishes

Artist of the Week: Muhsinah

Yes indeed! Its that time again. And today we’re introducing our first female Artist of the Week. Today marks our first r&b/neo-soul pick as well. DC native, Muhsinah, may not be a familiar name to you yet…but soon you’re definitely going to understand why we chose her as Artist of the Week. Muhsinah, who is a graduate of Howard University (shout out to all the HU alum out there!!), is an independent songwriter/singer/producer who sites J. Dilla as one of her biggest musical influences. Her unique sound caught the attention of Phonte, of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange fame. That relationship landed  her on their latest release, Leave It All Behind, where she’s featured on 3 tracks including the Grammy-nominated Daykeeper. Without any further hesitation…Ladies and Gentleman – I present to you: Muhsinah

Muhsinah – “Plan B”