Fresh Produce(r)

If I asked you “What’s your favorite song” what would be the first thing your mind races to?

a) Would you immediately start to mentally scan the catalog of your favorite artist?

b) Would you flashback to that verse that told your whole life story in a matter of 16 bars?

c) Would you think about that song the DJ put on last night that sent the whole club into a frenzy?

d) Some varied combination of A through C?

Whichever letter you choose…one thing remains pretty constant: The beat!! The beat can make or break a song. The beat , in some cases, can even make or break an artist. Think about the first time you heard your favorite song…whatever that may be. What was the first thing that grabbed your attention? The beat, right? I could be wrong…but I know I’m right. Now, think hard…who produced it? **cue the Final Jeopardy theme music** Time’s up!!! And the producer was…? Maybe you have an answer and maybe you don’t. But the sad reality is that producers rarely get remembered. In every “Random Rapper A is way better than Random Rapper B” debate or “MC So-And-So doesn’t make real music like MC Such-And-Such” clash, the one thing that opposing sides often fail to mention is the producer that makes said rapper sound so right (or wrong) on said songs. And in an era of overnight successes and one (maybe two) hit wonders, this gets a little more complicated. Most of these revolving door artists aren’t around long enough for anyone to even care who produced them.

So right here…right now…is the time to give the Producer some shine!! With Fresh Produce(r), we want to spotlight producers and a couple of their creations. Some of them you may know and some of them won’t be familiar to you at all. But that’s what we’re here for! If you know the songs, sing along…if you don’t, consider yourself schooled. These first few lessons are free…the next couple might cost you though!

1. Khrysis (The Justus League, The Away Team)

Hometown: New Jersey

Produced Tracks For: Little Brother, Sean Price, Jean Grae, Evidence, Heltah Skeltah, The Justus League

Notable Track: Evidence “For Whom The Bell Tolls”

2. Nottz (Raw Koncept Media Group)

Hometown: Norfolk, VA.

Produced Tracks For: Busta Rhymes, The Flipmode Squad, M.O.P., Dwele, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, 50 Cent,  G-Unit, Kanye West, Black Moon, Cassidy, Swizz Beatz, Little Brother, Slaughterhouse, Asher Roth

Notable Track: Kanye West “Barry Bonds”

3. No I.D.

Hometown: Chicago

Produced Tracks For: Common, Infamous Syndicate, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, Plies, Kanye West, G-Unit, Janet Jackson, Beanie Sigel, Usher, John Legend, Nas, Ghostface Killah, Toni Braxton, Jim Jones, Twista, Method Man, Fabolous

Notable Track: Common “I Used to Love H.E.R.”

Vol. 2 Coming Soon…

–  Gee-O


2 thoughts on “Fresh Produce(r)

  1. Nothing short of incredible! Flutes Up to you, Bro!

    Right now, I’m drawin’ with Polow, Ski, and Ryan Leslie on the produce side.

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