Artist of The Week: Talib Kweli

The artist for the week is the underrated and renown Talib Kweli.  Coupled with producer Hi-Tek, this tandem has brought many a classic to the hip hop world.  Kweli has given us many releases chalked full of certified headrockers.  From Reflection Eternal, to Black Star (Mos Def collab), to Quality, Beautiful Struggle, Right About Now, Liberation (Madlib collab), and Eardrum, Kweli has a catalogue that is sure to keep any aspiring MC motivated to keep it lyrical and creative.  With the Reunion of Kweli and Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal with a mixtape entitled Re: Union, I felt it only right to give readers a blast from the past in anticipation of future classics to come i.e. (Just Begun feat. Jay Electronica, check for it later in the week)

Day 1: Reflection Eternal The Blast


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