Lil Mike: The Future

Check out new music from my lil homie from the G…  Lil Mike got the lyrics, delivery, and production skills.   The lil homie has been grinding for a minute and all of the hard work is about to pay off.  I told him to give me some dope shit for the site, and I feel like he delivered.  Mike’s album is coming soon so get ready!!!!  LET’S GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the link below:


 “Demandin’ Respect”


Jay-Z BP3 Dallas Concert Review

Jay-Z, who had the best album of ’09 in my opinion, is on the road again.  His Blue Print 3 tour recently stopped in Dallas, TX at the American Airline Center.   The concert was on a Tuesday and the boy Hov still managed to sell out the venue.  To some, that isn’t impressive, but in my mind that’s crazy!!!  Trey Songz started things off with a surprisingly strong set.  Trey rocked it, although the arena was about 70% full at the time.  Trey performed Songz (Peep the play on words) from all three of his albums.  “I don’t wanna leave,” “Say Ahh,” “Panty Dropper,” and several other joints were received strongly by the crowd, especially the women.  Overall, I give Trey a B+ for his performance.  Better yet, I’ll give him an A- for not doing that WACK ASS “lol smily face” mess.

Next up was the main event.  Now with the AAC (American Airline Center) filled to the max, the God MC came from below the ground onto the stage.  At this point, everyone was going crazy.  Jay begin to go through his catalog effortlessly.  He started with “Run this Town” with the crowd singing Rihanna’s part.  Eventually he brought out Bleek and they performed “Is that Yo Chick?”  Bleek, who is Jay’s sidekick, rocked with the Big Homey for about 8 songs.  Jay also brought out Trey to do the hook to “Already Home.” [Side note: To the rapper who use to be on the Roc and took exception to the lyrics in this song, KILL YOURSELF!]  Next, Hov performed “As real as it Gets” where he brought out Jeezy.  Jeezy went into his own set which served as somewhat of a half-time for Jay.  Jeezy rocked it, but they probably should consider letting him come on after Trey because his energy level and showmanship is just not on the level of Jay’s.  Jeezy was on level 9, but Jay wasn’t even on the scale.  But shouts out to Jeezy for killing it.  His overall grade was a B.  Jay came back after Jeezy’s performance and finished his set with classics such as “Hard Knock Life,” “Jigga What, Jigga Who,” “Hovi Baby,” (which I rhymed Bar 4 Bar with the God) “PSA,” “Big Pimpin,” (nice tribute to Pimp C) “DOA,” and countless others.  The boy Jay is definitely still on his A game.  All these hating “rappers” saying, “he’s too old,” and all that BS, choke yourself.  The boy Hov is here to stay, and he definitely proved it in Dallas.

All-Star Weekend Recap (Night Life Edition)

All-Star weekend 2010 has came and went, but the memories will last forever.  The thisaintthat staff was definitely on the scene and will give you the highs and lows of the weekend.  We were courtside for the NBA events, and VIP for every party. 

There was, what seemed to be, over 100 parties.  Everybody that was somebody had a party.  Everything started on Wednesday with Busta Rhymes and Jason Terry hosting a party at the Skye Bar in down-town Dallas.  There were several parties that Thursday, but 8 inches of snow put a clamp on the night life.  Friday, the place to be was the Welcome to Dallas party, hosted by THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, Sean P. Diddy Combs.  Also throwing a party that Friday was the King and the Prince.  Drake and Lebron James drew over 3000 people to there event, but only 2k were allowed to enter while the remainder of the crowd was hot but was quickly cooled down outside by the snow. 


Celebrities throwing parties on Saturday included; Drake, D. Wade, Jeezy, Plies, Carmelo Anthony, Nelly, JD, Trey Songz, Michael Jordan, Trina & Nikki Minaj, and the list goes on and on.  But none topped Mr. Combs.  Diddy was at club Sting in north Dallas.  Sting has three seperate dancefloors and bars, but people were in there shoulder to shoulder.  The crew and myself had pre-sale VIP tickets for $150, but for those walking up, it was $400 dollars.  DJ S&S was on the 1’s & 2’s and definitely kept the party hype.  Diddy came in a little after 1am with Floyd Mayweather and kept the party going until a little after 3am.

Earlier that Saturday, me and the crew went to a “day party” at the Hibachi Grill near the Galleria.  If I had to descride the scene, I would say that it was a happy hour to the 4th power.  The crowd was definitely grown and sexy and the drinks and music was butta!  After leaving the party, we went to the Galleria which was rediculously packed.  It’s being said that Lebron shut the Gucci store down for like an hour and no one could enter while he shopped. 

The Sunday night party that we attended was hosted  by TO, Josh Howard, and Kenyon Martin and was held at the Palladium Ballroom.  This definitely fell short of the mark.  There was two seperate areas, one for regular admission and the other for VIP.  Of course we did it big and paid for VIP, but it was not worth it.  Everybody stared at the celebrities the entire time and were not dancing.  We ended up hanging out in the regular admission area the entire night.  Truth be told, we should have went to Diddy’s party at Beamers.

All in all, the parties were off the chain, and I feel as if Dallas did a great job playing host.  Next year’s game is in Los Angeles so I expect things to be more crazy and we plan on being there!

Big shouts out to Bean, Mempho, and Derwin!

Next up, the NBA events!

Women Lie, Men Lie, Numbers Don’t Lie!

So the weekly album sales just dropped, and Sade will be sitting at the top alone next week.  Sade, who gets minimal to no radio play, barely had a marketing budget, but HAS a crazy fan base, moved over 480k albums last week.  Sade, who has sold over 50million records world-wide, is proof that good music + loyal fans + staying true to yourself and music = sales.  (Side note: Sade is 51, so age doesn’t matter) Also charting is Jaheim who’s new album (Another round) moved just over 115k.  This is not bad for an album that received 0 promotion.  So, for all of you artist striving to get in the game and sell records, learn from these two artist, and establish your fan base first, and then everything else will fall into place.

Sade “Soldier of Love”

Sade “Cherish the Day”  [my personal favorite]

Artist of the Week: Lauryn Hill

Yo! First of all, our apologies for being a day (or 2) off with this week’s Artist of the Week. Everybody is coming off of a pretty eventful weekend. Speaking of which, congratulations again to my big sister – the new Mrs. Pope! And shout out to the fam who was out there in Dallas getting it in for All-Star Weekend (be on the lookout for a re-cap of all the exclusive events later in the week).

Now, back to business! This week we’re giving the stage, the spotlight, and our hopes that one day she’ll bless us with some new music, to Lauryn Hill. She has got to be one of the greatest artist, male or female, of our generation. As a member of the multi-platinum (The Score sold over 18 million records worldwide) hip-hop trio, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill took a Sharpie and permanently signed her name on the pages of the game. In 1998 critics who argued that L. Boogie should’ve went solo got their wish when she released The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill (over 27 million sold). There is really only one word needed to describe that album: CLASSIC!!! Nominated for 10, The Mis-Education… won 5 Grammy’s, making Lauryn the first female artist to walk away with that many awards in one night. With vocals that could make a full-time goon wanna hug somebody, lyrics sharp enough to cut the mic chords of these super wack rappers today, and a deliver that can make rival gangs huddle in harmony around the radio, Lauryn Hill is the true definition of a living legend.

Aight…enough talking typing. Let’s zone out…

Zion (from The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill)

What up LAW!

Fugees – Killing Me Softly (from The Score)

Artist of the Week: Common

Day 4: Back to the Basics

Common is known for delivering that straight raw hiphop.  So today we are giving you two of the rawest songs from Common to date.    

First up:

“6th Sense”

Theolonious” ft Slum Village  RIP J Dilla

Day 3: The Ladies Edition!

Not many rappers know how to successfully cater to the female audience. And I’m not talking about just wrapping a real hot beat and catchy hook around utter jibberish! I’m talking about really speaking to women artistically, creatively, and respectfully without being overly soft, lame, or corny. On more than one occasion, this week’s featured artist has ventured into that lane and put the car on cruise control. Here are a couple of those gems…

Come Close – Common feat. Mary J. Blige (from Electric Circus)

The Light – Common prod. by J. Dilla (from Like Water For Chocolate)

it don’t take a whole day to recognize Sunshine!

Artist of the Week: Common

Day 2

Who said “rappers” don’t inspire the youth?  I agree that not all “rappers” do, but before you down the entire culture, do your research first.  From day 1, Common gave us the real and his “raps” had messages.  “Assata,” a song from Like Water for Chocolate, inspired me to read the Autobiography of Assata Shakur.  Common did such a great job outlining this sister’s story that there was really no need to read the book.  Nevertheless, if you haven’t read the book, do yourself a favor and do so.  And if you doubt what I’m saying, peep Common’s tribute through song.

“Assata” ft Cee-lo Green Like Water for Chocolate

Lastly, another Common and Cee-lo favorite.  G.O.D (Gaining One’s Definition) is one of the deepest songs ever created.  The lyrics are divine.  The ALMIGHTY spoke through these brothers on this track.  Cee-lo spoke words only those with the gift of prophesy have the ability to.  Shouts to G, this is one of his favorites.

“G.O.D” ft Cee-l0  One Day it’ll all make Sense

Aight…so for anybody that doesn’t know, I’m from Chicago! So when my partner told me who he had chosen for this week’s Artist of the Week I couldn’t help but to get on charge. Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. aka Common (Sense) is one of the true pioneers of hip hop. Not just for Chicago, but for the culture as a whole. And for his consistency and contribution, he still remains under the radar to an extent. He’s one of those artists that all of your favorite artists include on their “Favorite Artists” lists!! Yet, he still fails to get the type of respect that he deserves. Including his 1992 debut, Can I Borrow A Dollar, Common has released 8 full-length albums with his 9th scheduled to release some time this year. His ’94 classic Resurrection gave birth to one of (if not THEE) greatest hip hop songs of all-time: I Used to Love H.E.R. Conceptually, Com created an almost perfect parallel between a girl that he met and fell in love with and the music that came and took his heart just the same. That song is just as relevant now, 16 years later, as it was then…and “she” is still breaking hearts! The impact of that song was so huge that it spawned several “remixes”, most of which featured Common, and was the centerpiece of the major motion picture, Brown Sugar. Musically, Com has been connected to some of the best in the game! From the Native Tongues to The Soulquarians. From No I.D. to Kanye West. From Mos Def to Jay-Z. Whatever the affiliation, Common has proven over and over that he can rock with the best of them.

“I Used to Love H.E.R.” – Resurrection (1994)

“Love of My Life” – Erykah Badu feat. Common from the Brown Sugar soundtrack

“Soul by the Pound” – Can I Borrow a Dollar (1992)