Artist of the Week: Common

Day 4: Back to the Basics

Common is known for delivering that straight raw hiphop.  So today we are giving you two of the rawest songs from Common to date.    

First up:

“6th Sense”

Theolonious” ft Slum Village  RIP J Dilla

Day 3: The Ladies Edition!

Not many rappers know how to successfully cater to the female audience. And I’m not talking about just wrapping a real hot beat and catchy hook around utter jibberish! I’m talking about really speaking to women artistically, creatively, and respectfully without being overly soft, lame, or corny. On more than one occasion, this week’s featured artist has ventured into that lane and put the car on cruise control. Here are a couple of those gems…

Come Close – Common feat. Mary J. Blige (from Electric Circus)

The Light – Common prod. by J. Dilla (from Like Water For Chocolate)

it don’t take a whole day to recognize Sunshine!


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