Artist of the Week: Lauryn Hill

Yo! First of all, our apologies for being a day (or 2) off with this week’s Artist of the Week. Everybody is coming off of a pretty eventful weekend. Speaking of which, congratulations again to my big sister – the new Mrs. Pope! And shout out to the fam who was out there in Dallas getting it in for All-Star Weekend (be on the lookout for a re-cap of all the exclusive events later in the week).

Now, back to business! This week we’re giving the stage, the spotlight, and our hopes that one day she’ll bless us with some new music, to Lauryn Hill. She has got to be one of the greatest artist, male or female, of our generation. As a member of the multi-platinum (The Score sold over 18 million records worldwide) hip-hop trio, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill took a Sharpie and permanently signed her name on the pages of the game. In 1998 critics who argued that L. Boogie should’ve went solo got their wish when she released The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill (over 27 million sold). There is really only one word needed to describe that album: CLASSIC!!! Nominated for 10, The Mis-Education… won 5 Grammy’s, making Lauryn the first female artist to walk away with that many awards in one night. With vocals that could make a full-time goon wanna hug somebody, lyrics sharp enough to cut the mic chords of these super wack rappers today, and a deliver that can make rival gangs huddle in harmony around the radio, Lauryn Hill is the true definition of a living legend.

Aight…enough talking typing. Let’s zone out…

Zion (from The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill)

What up LAW!

Fugees – Killing Me Softly (from The Score)


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