HipHop & RnB News [A-town edition]

I told yall last week that the king is back.  The boy Tip has dropped his first post prison release and it is a banger.  Sounds like he had a few issues to address in those V’s as well.  I’m not sure exactly who he’s getting at, but a couple people get stripped naked in those verses.  The track is titled “I’m back,” and can be heard below…

“I’m Back”

Luda’s new project, “Battle of the Sexes,” hits the shelves tomorrow.  This is Luda’s 7th LP so we are definitely applauding him for his longevity and for what he brings to the game.  The track listing can be found below.

1. Intro
2. How Low
3. My Chick Bad feat. Nicki Minaj
4. Everybody Drunk feat. Lil Scrappy
5. I Do It All Night
6. Sex Room feat. Trey Songz
7. I Know You Got A Man feat. Flo Rida
8. Hey Ho feat. Lil’ Kim and Lil Fate
9. Party No Mo’ feat. Gucci Mane
10. B.O.T.S. Radio feat. I-20
11. Can’t Live With You feat. Monica
12. Feelin’ So Sexy
13. Tell Me A Secret feat. Ne-Yo
14. My Chick Bad Remix feat. Diamond, Trina and Eve

Lastly, the girl Monica is back on the scene and I must say that I am impressed with the new single, “Everything to Me.”  We all know that Monica can sang, but its been hit or miss (mainly missing) mainly because she was letting the radio dictate her music.  [And you already know how we feel about the radio and the bullsh*% that they play]  This reminds me of the old school Monica, the “So Gone” Monica, the “You Should Have Known Better” Monica.  The video is crazy, and she has the boy Chad Ochocinco in the video.  We salute Monica, and be on the look out for her album which drops March 23rd.

“Everything to Me”


One thought on “HipHop & RnB News [A-town edition]

  1. Maine Shawty, TIP went in on these skinny jeans mofos; speaking the gospel about all these FANs wearing skinny jeans and funny haircuts. I can only hope the bag wearing boys are smart enough to realize the subliminals.


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