Food for Thought (Spoken Word Edition)

I have been a fan of spoken word for a minute now.  Hell, I try to put pen to paper every now and then just to capture exactly how I’m feeling from time to time.  It definitely does wonders for the soul.  I challenge you to do the same.  Black Ice and Malik Yusef are some of the best when it comes to speaking their minds.  They are from the ghettos of Philly and Chicago respectively.  The fact that these brothers chose to do something positive with their lives and avoid the negative attention and bullshit that so many of our brothers and sisters get caught up in, should be applauded.  It’s time for us to stop blaming our situation on complexion and simply change our direction.  It starts with you, so get to it!

These are 2 of my favorite poets speaking the “REAL.”  Enjoy!!!

Black Ice  “The Ugly Show”

Malik Yusef  “I Spit”


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought (Spoken Word Edition)

  1. I was actually looking for some spoken word for inspiration for this poetry night that we throwing on the 26th of the March. My video not loading fast enough but I’ll try to stop back by when I’m on a faster connection. Also, where is Gucci Maine’s poetry or Diddy spitting some poetry over autotune. LOL! What type of site is this anyway? No, mainstream, radio-repetitious artists? Good look on the poets to maine. They need to get more shine.

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