Does HipHop miss West Coast Muzik?

From the mid to late 80’s through the early 2000’s, west coast hiphop had to be the leaders along with the east coast of what we call hiphop music.  NWA (Cube, Dre, Eazy, etc), MC Eight, DJ Quick, Too Short, Spice 1, PAC (although he is from the east coast), Ras Kass, E40, Celly Cel, Tha Dog Pound, and many others held the west coast down for years.  Right around ’02-’04, I saw the industry making a turn and beginning to shy away from the West.  It definitely wasn’t from a lack of music, but more so because the “powers that be” began to gravitate to whatever was popular.  This left the Left Coast on the outside looking in.  Of course, you’ve had your Ice Cube, Snoop, and Game albums, but that “West Coast” sound that we were accustomed to has faded due to money hungry CEO’s and trend following A&R’s who don’t know and understand hiphop.  How can you shy away from this:::::::::::::>

“Still Dre” ft Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog

This is West Coast to the fullest in my opinion.  6-fo’s with hydraulics, beautiful ladies, blue’s, red’s, and a zillion people showing up for the video.  I LOVE IT!!!

“It was a good day” Ice Cube

Gotta love Cube!!!!!!!!!

“It’s going Down” Celly Cel

Gotta rep that Yay area!   (Shout out to @NeNepop and the Lost Kids)

So that was a look at the past.  Today, there are several artist that deserve mainstream attention on the west coast.  For the reasons mentioned above, these artist don’t get there just due.  Several artist sign deals, but not too many get around to putting out albums.  The game is messed up when your own coast doesn’t play your regions music on the radio, and from what I’m hearing, this is the case out west.  People always wonder how the South came up.  The South always supported the South.  When no one was messing with them, they did their own thing.  The same has to happen with the west.  Peep some artist from the new school out west::::::::>

“Hussle in the House” Nipsey Hussle

I’ve been jammin this for a minute.  He reminds me of a young Snoop.

“All My Life” Jay Rock ft Lil Wayne

I love this song!  I hope you can see how much the west coast influenced lil Wayne… (Sorry if it doesn’t play, Warner Bros records is tripping with the footage)

It’s evident that the West Coast has talent (Blu, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Crooked I, Nipsey, Ya Boy, Mr. FAB, and many more), but to some, their brand of music is no longer popular or profitable.  So in closing, I ask the question, is hiphop about the Culture and the talent in it or has it become a Cash Cow in search of whatever makes a dollar?




One thought on “Does HipHop miss West Coast Muzik?

  1. West coast music, is the music that made me fall in love with hip-hop. I started off as a kid who listened to Hammer, to the Menace II Society soundtrack, into the death row days.

    I think the west coast is another entity in hip-hop that is self contained. Meaning they can make music, sell it independently, and tour in their own region and live off that. The country doesn’t gravitate to West coast music like it used to, but then again, what kind of music does the world gravitate to other than what Slim Thug appropriately call Hip-Pop.

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