We got the official video for Lupe Fiasco’s new single, “I’m Beamin.”   Long story short, the message of this video is, regardless of what the haters say or do, you gotta do you and shine regardless.  Lupe continues to drop gems.  At the rate he’s going, we will not have a choice but to consider Lu ONE of the greats after this next LP. 

“I’m Beamin” by Lupe Fiasco


Hitting the Racks: B.O.B Edition

If you don’t have it, go get it.  I’m referring to “The Adventures of Bobby Ray,” the new album from BoB.  From top to bottom, this is an excellent piece of work.  The album starts off with “Don’t Let Me Fall.”  This is a humble confession, that although he has become a star in such a short time, BoB has not forgot the reason he’s here, the fans.  Peep the track below:

“Don’t let me Fall”

Another stand out track is “Past my Shades,” featuring Lupe Fiasco. (West-Side Chi-Town I see you… RIP Tony Reed!) These two have currently been touring together and obviously they have built a nice musical chemistry.  If you visit the site on a regular basis, you know how we feel about Lupe.  N E Wayz, peep the track.

“Past my Shades”

“Fame,” is another personal favorite because you got a lot of “rappers” who are in the game for all the wrong reasons.  Clearly, BoB is here for the love, and it is shown throughout this LP.


“5th Dimension” ft Ricco Barrino (Fantasia’s brother… (Not the lazy ass dude either.)  And he is a problem with the vocals.)

All in all, BoB has put together one of the better debut albums in the last 5 years.  This is an album that you can tell a lot of heart and soul was put into.  BoB’s album gives us hope that real music and real artists are alive. 

Support this brother!


Thisaintthat.com Freestyle by Trentiss

Just received a new freestyle from the boy Trentiss done exclusively for thisaintthat.com.  This is a continuation of the previous freestyle we posted a while back.  We continue to show Trentiss love and he shows the love right back.  I have the first installment from the “Return of the Real,” mixtape series, (which is a classic) so if you want it, just holla at me.  (IT’S FREE!!!)  Check out the freestyle below as well as the new track that Trentiss released last week for the steamers.  Enjoy!

“freestyle pt2” by Trentiss

“freestyle pt1” by Trentiss

“Can’t help myself” by Trentiss

Artist of the Week: Little Brother

Yes yes ya’ll! The new album is banging. I recommend all lovers of real music go out and get it. Just know that you might have to take the iTunes route though! I tried to go out and pick it up at Best Buy and not one of their locations had any. You know how that industry foolishness goes. It’s definitely worth the download though! Check out these gems:

Tigallo For Dolo

Table For Two feat. Jozeemo and Yahzarah

Revenge feat. Truck North and Median

New Muzik from Trentiss; Jay Electronica; and B.O.B

Got some new muzik from three of my favorite artist.  The first joint is from Trentiss… This joint is for the steamers.  The beat is bangin, lyrics is crazy, what more can I say??????  Peep the track! [Return of the Real: Installment 1 coming soon!]

“Can’t help Myself”

The next joint is from B.O.B.  This is a talented brother.  His album drops next Tuesday.  Go Cop!!!  (Tip spazzes on this joint!)

“Bet I Bust” Ft TI and Playboy Tre

The last joint is from Jay Electronica.  This is a nice joint.  Definitely waiting on the album to drop!

“A million in the morning”


Artist of the Week: Little Brother

With a new album scheduled to hit stores this Tuesday, it’s only fitting that we show love to North Carolina’s own Little Brother. Comprised of rapper/singer/songwriter Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, and producer 9th Wonder (who is no longer a member of the group), Little Brother is one of the most under-rated collectives in hip hop. Their debut, The Listening, was as close to classic as you can get. Especially from a group of then unknown rappers from the South. Conceptually, it played from top to bottom like a hip hop radio show – WJLR, Justice League Radio. Dope beats. Dope rhymes. What more could ya’ll want?

For their second release, The Minstrel Show (2005), they moved from the radio to the television. This album, released on Atlantic, was their first major label release. Much like on their debut, the Brothers provided us with what most artists, group or solo, had abandoned long ago: a concept. And although it didn’t get the commercial success or respect that it deserved (most great music never does), hardcore LB fans were definitely tuned in to the Show.

Along with their third studio album, The Getback (2007), they have several mixtapes and multiple side projects (including one of my favorites right now – The Foreign Exchange) that are more than worth a listen. Make sure you stop by your local cd store…I mean log on to iTunes…and pick up that new album, Leftback, on Tuesday! In the meantime, enjoy these gems:

The Yo Yo from The Listening

Atari 2600 from an early release of The Listening

Speed from The Listening

What’s Going On???

There is a lot going on in this crazy world that we live in.  Earthquakes, killings, rapings, stealing, lying, cheating, and the list goes on and on.  I understand that positivity does not make good news, but shit, something has got to give.  The other week, within a 48 hr period, there was over 50 shootings in Chicago.  What happened in this city of over 3 million residents is a microcosm of what’s going on in today’s society.  From LA, to NY, to Mississippi, to Africa, everyone is facing the same problems on one level or another.  It’s very depressing because the majority of the crime and malicious acts of violence take place within our own communities.  It is a vicious cycle that no one man will come close to solving.  While the government focuses on health care, foreign policies, and other rules and regulations that increase their power, the people at the bottom that they continue to lie to and take from, are struggling.  So how do we fix what’s going on in our communities?  There is no one answer, but I do know that it will take God and a nation of people coming together and saying that they are just fed up with the madness.  We have to look at everyone as our brothers and sisters, because at the end of the day, they are just that, your brother and your sister. 

I didn’t write this post to depress you, but to spark the mind of the person who will be a major contributor in changing not only our communities, but the world.  I digress, but leave you with some joints that will make you think.


“Testify” Nas

“Fight the Power” Public Enemy

“Me Against the World” Tupac

“G.O.D” Common ft Cee-Lo Green

“Man in the Mirror” Michael Jackson   [It all starts with you!]  RIP Mike Jack…

Work Out MuZik!

Physical fitness should be a part of everyone’s life.  If your body is truthfully your temple, exercising should be second nature.  While in the gym today I was thinking, what are my go to songs that will get me through a 30 minute stretch of cardio when it seems impossible.  Aside from Trentiss’s new mixtape that will be dropping soon, these are the songs that are currently in the iPod that keep ya boy going.  I’m anxious to hear your songs as well.

“56 Bars” TI  (This is the warm-up joint right here.  For some reason, this song just get’s me going)

“Undisputed” Ludacris ft Floyd Mayweather (By now, I’m getting in that zone.  Side Note: I’m not a violent person, but thinking about fighting usually takes my mind off of the fact that I’m running 3 miles on the treadmill.)

“Maybach Music 2” Rick Ross ft Kanye West & Lil Wayne  (Why do I need swag with my workout, I have no idea???  But this joint adds swag to physical fitness.  I get to poppin my collar and sh*% while I’m running.)

“PSA” Jay-Z  (Just Blaze was a fool for this beat.  I hope you’re keeping up, I would be at the 1.75 mile at this point!)

“Whats up, What’s Happenin” TI  (By now the folks in the gym are looking at me crazy because I’m doing the Shawty Lo dance on the treadmill)

“This the City” Pastor Troy  (Gotta finish up strong.  That Troy get’s me hype every time!!!)

“U Can’t Stop Us” Nas  (This is that, Nat Turner, “We tired of being slaves muzik!” Let’s Go!!!!)

And that my friends, is how you get through a three-mile/26 minute run!  Take care of your bodies and exercise!