Get you through your day MUSIC

Just thought that I would drop some joints to help you get through the day.  When I’m feeling super soulful, these are a few of my go-to joints.

There is no secret that Bilal was and is one of the dopest cats doing it.  This song paints a vivid picture of the connection that is gained by only something God can have his hand in.  Bilal, who is on our site from time to time, was in tune with the universe when he composed this one.  Bilal, we understand all the label politics and other bull shit that comes with the music industry, but whenever you drop the next Lp, you know we got you! (SN: Peep Quest on the Drums…)

“Soul Sista” by Bilal

These brothers get it… They don’t choose to mis-use their gift, but they choose to speak the truth and provide that music that is purifying for the soul.  And for that reason the industry was happy to see them dis-assemble.  Anytime brothers speak to their people the way Goodie Mob does, they immediately try to hide their music and take away their voice.  I digress, so just zone out to this joint.  (Cee-lo murders this track!!!!!  COME BACK GOODIE MOB!!!!!!!!!!)

“Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob

“Free” by Goodie Mob

Not much to say.  This is just real talk.  Common delivers the message and Lauryn embeds it in the soul.  This song proves that music with a message is permanent. (SN: Common’s pops is a trip.  Listen to the end of the song.)

“Retrospect for Life” Common ft Lauryn Hill

Everybody has those moments of weakness and/or doubt when you feel like “I can’t do this”. Mos provides musical motivation with this joint from the True Magic album. If the beat alone isn’t enough to give you a little more energy, the simple message he delivers will definitely get you back up and running. “When they telling you that you can’t…you shouldn’t…you won’t…tell them this: There Is a Way”

“There Is a Way” Mos Def


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