In my opinion, Andre (3000) Benjamin is the best to ever do it.  Since stepping on the scene in 1994, 3 Stacks has been in a class of his own.  After listening to Southernplayalistic, you had to know that this was not just your average MC.  The bars were wrote and performed with purpose which convinced me early on that this guy was special.  At the age of 12, Andre’s lyrics spoke to me and really introduced me to the lyricism element of MCing.  3K’s counterpart was no slouch on the mic either, but when you play with Jordan, it is sometimes difficult for people to really understand all of the things that Pippen brings to the table.  3000 is one of the few rappers that I have NEVER heard a wack verse from.  With most rappers you can listen to their music and kind of make an assumption about who influenced their styles.  (Big Daddy Kane = JayZ; Rakim = Nas)  However, with Dre, it’s difficult to say.  I can’t think of anyone, even in the dungeon family, that goes in like Dre does.  To this day, my favorite album of all time is ATLiens.  The things that Dre was spittin in ’96 are still relevent in 2010.   

I know that the politically correct answer to the greatest ever debate is either Big or Pac, but out of all of the MCs to touch a mic, none can match the skills of Andre Benjamin.  Nothing about Dre’s flow/style is ordinary.  Rarely do you hear 16 bar/hook/16 bar/hook song formats from Dre.  He does what feels right, not what he is being told.  Again, I know that my opinion is subjective, but the songs below is why I say that Dre is the “BEST EVER” with such conviction.

“Millenium”     “It’s just a phase it’s gone all pass but that gets old too, I’m weakening like a deacon doing dirt…”

“Wallen” ft Cee-Lo  This is quite possibly the greatest V ever.  Peep how this man soned a lot of your favorite rappers who like to brag about what they have etc…  Dre has a way of whipping your ass and explaining why he did it in his lyrics.



“Get up Get out” ft Cee-lo

“Throw some D’s remix”  (Every body got bodied on this track)

“Walk it out remix”  Is it me, or did he shit on Jim Jones  inadvertently?   And then to make matters worse, Big Boi just provided the knock out blow on this one!

I could do this all day, but I think that I’ve made my point!!!



Artist of the week: DMX

I was watching beyond the music on VH1 and they did a piece on DMX.  It captured the ups and downs that Earl Simmons has faced in his life and how those same evils escalated once becoming a multi-platinum recording artist.  As I watched, I couldn’t help but think that DMX could have been one of the ones to lead his people in the right direction.  The passion, the will, the love, the connection, DMX had them all.  However, he has one punishing habit that has halted that dream.  Nevertheless, we are going to celebrate DMX for what he has done for the world, because in my eyes, he has given hope that no matter your circumstances or environment, there is a (legal) way out.  From the prayers on the albums to discussing religion and God in his rhymes, to discussing the consequences of breaking the law, I don’t think it’s even an argument when saying that DMX is one of the “Realest” to ever do this thing that we call hiphop.

First, peep the spoken word:

“The Industry”  There’s no secret that the “industry” doesn’t care that DMX isn’t around anymore.  This is real talk that a lot of aspiring artist should take heed to. 

“Who we be”  One of the realest songs ever, period.  The video is definitely dope and fits the lyrics perfectly.   If the video is loading slow, its probably because the gov’t is hating.

“How’s it going down”  All I have to say is, CLASSIC! What’s f$%king with this?! (SN: I think that’s faith with the bkground vocals.)

“What they really want”  Yet another CLASSIC! “Come on ma, you know I got a wife!”  Love this joint, hell, he even made Sisco seem somewhat gangsta.  And yall chicks use to trip me out raising your hand when X got to naming names as if he was talking about you! LOL

“Slippin” This is probably my favorite X joint of all time.  The emotions of this record are so real.  He takes us on a journey of his life up until this point.  (SN: notice how all of X’s videos are shot in the hood and it’s done very tastefully.  Who else has done this?)

Thisaintthat solutes DMX!!!!!  We are definitely praying that this brother can turn it around.  We have faith in you brother!