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In today’s NEWS, music is seeing a much needed resurgence. From all points on the atlas, artists are breathing life back into the game – one studio session at a time. No doubt, the traditional ways of discovery and appreciated new music are dead. But the art form itself still has hope. In this broadcast, we’re going to hit the North, East, West, and South and spotlight a few of these revivalist.


Representing the North, more specifically Detroit, is Black Milk. An extremely under-estimated rapper/producer, Black Milk has contributed to some of your favorite artists. From KRS-One and Buckshot to Slum Village and Pharoahe Monch. This track from his upcoming release, Album of the Year, is a pretty good illustration of the energy that he adds to the revitalization of the game.

Black Milk – Don Cornelious


As we travel East, we pulse of the game gets even stronger. The (Legendary) Roots (Crew) have undoubtedly done it again with this track from their latest (and classic) release How I Got Over. If the heavy knock of the kicks and snares don’t pump life into the body of the industry, the powerful punchlines delivered by Black Thought will definitely resuscitate the most lifeless music fan.

The Roots – Doin’ It Again


(throws up the W) On to the West. Our WestCoast representatives, Pac Div, have dropped back-to-back mixtapes that have added to the lifespan of the genre. With there latest effort, Don’t Mention It, these L.A. natives administer musical vitamins to the underfed and malnourished.

Pac Div – Overcome


The end of this broadcast brings us to the South. Big K.R.I.T., Mississippi’s hometown hero provides a last minute surge of energy to the game. More bonafide proof that Southern rap isn’t the bane of hip-hop’s existence. His aggressive, yet lyrical, flow like applied pressure to the chest of our patient.

Big K.R.I.T. – Children of the World

Stay tuned for more NEWS coming soon…