All That Jazz

Everybody’s familiar with the whole “2 heads are better than one” cliche. And in most cases it holds true. Operating in the “success” realm of this theory, there are plenty of singular treasures that become even more awesome-er when combined with other gems. Not in a red kool-aid and sugar kind of way…because, honestly speaking, either one of those ingredients taken separately aren’t that great. I’m talking about when you mix something like Nike and Kanye West and you end up with the Air Yeezys. Or when you combine  2 great beverages like Simply Orange Juice and Ciroc {is this where they say “for the win”?}.

Today, I want to talk about the specific combination of Hip Hop and Jazz. Two genres that, when taken singularly, are amazing! But when you properly combine them, you get a level of audible euphoria that will ease all of your senses. You get a new brand of “awesome”.

Below are a few choice gems that definitely prove the theory that 2 heads are sometimes better than one. Partake.

The Roots – Lazy Afternoon

Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)

Guru ft. Erykah Badu – Plenty

Common ft. Jill Scott – I Am Music

Outkast – Movin’ Cool (Afterparty)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You

Let me know what some of your favorite HipHop/Jazz collaborations are in the comments section…

Before I get up out of here…gotta give a quick “what up” to the big homey Dee out in NY yo! Brooklyn and Ramajay and all that!


Just Add Music

You’re absolutely right – today is a great day. What could make it better? I’m glad you asked! If you know me, then you already know the answer: MUSIC! Add these to your playlist and let me know if your day got any better.

Mos Def – Priority

Teresa Jenee – Freedom

Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No

Busta Rhymes & J.Dilla – Step Up (shout out to Just One aka Jonboy for this one!)