Foreign Exchange

If you haven’t noticed by now, we love music. All music. For me, personally, it’s all about the connection. How it connects me to certain emotions, places, and people. Reconnects me to moments of my past. It’s no secret – music has power. As a native of Chicago, I can travel anywhere in the world through music and connect with the locals. For at least 3 minutes, I can view the world through the eyes of a complete stranger. I can become an international student by just pressing play. And before you know it, you discover all types of commonalities. Establish a real closeness with a region of the map that y0u otherwise would’ve been completely oblivious too.

Musically, there’s no way to ignore the impact that America has had on world. But it’s also very easy to become ethnocentric or bias when it comes to opening up to outside influences. The international contribution on the art form is mountainous. Historically, there doesn’t even seem like there’s a beginning to it all. Music has seen and touched every inch of the Earth. It has healed wounds and brought peace to nations in total unrest. Through music, audiences have taught themselves new languages. Right now, I want to take you all on a journey with me. An international journey. Let’s see the world through music!

Note: I’m intentionally keeping fairly recent. There are too many great examples of international greatness to cover it all. Never the less, I hope you enjoy!

Asa – Jailer

(Born in Paris — raised in Nigeria)


Colin Munroe – Will I Stay



Corinne Bailey Rae



Damian Marley (Kingston, Jamaica), K’naan (Somalia), and Nas – Africa Must Wake Up


Jessica Cornish – Big White Room



The Foreign Exchange – Eyes to the Sky

(Nicolay, the producer, is from the Netherlands)


Slick Rick – Mona Lisa



The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved



Jamie Cullum – Frontin’



Adele – Melt My Heart to Stone



Hope you enjoyed this (maybe not so) quick voyage. Let me know what you think.

And I’m out!


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