What Can Brown Do For You?

Great question. And when it comes to good music, the answer is pretty simple: Deliver. Whether behind the boards or in the booth, Kev Brown is one of those rare artists that delivers. Although his name may not be buzzing as loud or as often as the Kanye’s or even the K.R.I.T.’s, he has definitely earned his spot in among the greats.

**Sidenote: Do yourself a favor and pick up “The Alexander Green Project” 

Tune in…


Kev Brown on the boards:

Kev Brown ft. Bilal Salaam – No Time


Kev Brown ft. Cronkite (aka Raheem DeVaughn), Eric Roberson, and Wayna – Hennessy Pt. II


Kev Brown ft. Busta Rhymes – Packin Them Things


Kev Brown in the booth:

Kev Brown – Another Random Joint


Kev Brown & Kaimbr – Go Green


Kev Brown – Batida


Gee O


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