Reality Rap

In a culture overwhelmed with “reality”, where do you begin to separate what’s really real and what’s scripted? How do you discern between what’s a healthy consumption and when you’re on the brink of overdosing? I’ve heard a few different arguments about the topic ranging from “it’s just my guilty pleasure” to “it’s just what I watch when I want to stop thinking”. And I get it…I understand. Sometimes you just want to shut the brain down and escape from the madness of the day. But it starts to get sketchy when these “reality stars” become real stars and role models. It becomes problematic when as a society we start to pattern our lives and behavior off of the tragedy that is Reality TV. So, where do you draw the line?


Add-2 – “Modern Day Coons”


J. Dilla ft. Black Thought – “Reality Check”



– Gee_O


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