PREZ “The PRimary”

Chicago’s own,¬†PREZ (@PREZART), recently released¬†The PRimary as a free download. Check it out (and download it) below and keep your eyes open for his upcoming album,¬†PREZidential.




“…when I start doing it? Well, it’s suspect…”

Reading all of the updates about Trayvon Martin’s tragic death and seeing footage from the #MillionHoodieMarch made me think of this song. The sad reality is that to most people, success and accomplishment doesn’t equate to respect or humanity. Regardless of what you do or who you know or what you’ve overcome, if you’re black there’s a chance that you won’t ever be anything but that – black. You’ll never live up to their expectations. Why? Because they expect everything and absolutely nothing all at the same time. I encourage to keep pushing. Keep achieving. Keep dreaming. Forget proving them wrong (or right, for that matter). Live the best life you can. Help as many people as you can. Love everybody.

“…and if I’m still Mr. Nigga, I won’t find it surprising.”