Dope…spelled with ‘K’

Yup. Dope is officially spelled with a ‘K’. I understand if you don’t believe that. In fact, logic supports your disbelief. But that’s only until you have a chance to experience¬†Kirby Lauryen. I, myself, am just arriving to the Kirby party. And I will say that the phrase “better late than never” is extremely fitting.

Before I continue I have to thank Lez for introducing me to the dopeness that is Kirby. She knows my thirst for new music and pointed me in the right direction. Now…back to the subject – Kirby Lauryen. She has committed to posted a new song everyday for the year. Today is day 145 (#HangOver). Yes, we all have some catching up to do! Honestly, that’s all I know about her. That and the fact that the music is incredible. I mean, really incredible.

Check out her YouTube page and get lost in it for a few hours. She even gives you the lyrics so you can sing along if when the spirit moves you.

Day 145: HangOver


Day 138: Land Without Rain


Day 125: Take It Back


Find her on Twitter (@kirbylauryen) and get your daily dose of Dope…with a K!