Where is Your Character?

Love this song and the visual:

Mara Hruby Character



NEWSday Tuesday

“…to the West Coast…to the East Coast…to the North Coast…to the South. When you take North, East, West, South…and put it all together and it spells NEWS…” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Back at it with another NEWS Report. And I know it’s been a minute since the last one (almost 2 years to be exact), but I’m here now. And you’re here now. So let’s get into it.

This just in: Great music still exists! On every coast. In every region. There’s a re-emergence of, not just quality music, but great music.

In today’s episode of This Aint That N.E.W.S. we explore the New Underground.

The New Underground doesn’t have literal geographical coordinates. It’s figuratively located in the purgatory between the Old Underground and Commercialville. It’s the region where you go as a tourist and eventually look to file for citizenship. A land where creativity goes to study abroad only to return to the masses more refined and approachable. The residence and representatives of the New Underground are equal parts comfortable and and aggressively non-content. They create commentary that allows us access into their world while keeping us at a safe distance – a contrast that allows them to be embraced but not captured and put into a box.

North: Quelle Chris (Detroit) – “Symbolic”

East: Oddisee (Maryland) – “You Know Who You Are”


West: Ab-Soul (Los Angeles) – “Pineal Gland”


South: LG (New Orleans) – “Untitled”

International NEWS: Benny Sings (Netherlands) – “Dreams”

– Gee_O

Sun Day

Fact 1: Every day is a blessing.

Fact B: That blessing is more evident when the sun is shining.

Fact III: The sun never stops shining.

Conclusion: Every day is a blessing and every blessing should be celebrated. Find a reason to smile, laugh, and dance (in no particular order).

If you haven’t started already, these gems will help get you moving in the right direction.


Benny Sings – All I’m Good For


Jill Scott – Blessed


War – All Day Music


Ghostface Killah – Cherchez La Ghost


Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses



What songs would you add to the list?