Two’s Day: Two For The Culture

It’s no secret – we live in a world dominated by “things”. Tangible, material things. We allow things to define who we are. And we define success by how many things we’re able to accumulate. This phenomenon is even more evident in our culture. We’re slaves to our own vanity.

So these two are for the culture…

1. Kendrick Lamar – Vanity Slave

2. Add-2 – Modern Day Coons



Two’s Day: The Heat

The nation is on fire right now. With temperatures resting at 100 degrees, there’s no relief in sight. So today, I’m rocking with 2 of my favorite summer time joints. I’m telling you, these songs are cold! (See what I did there?)


J Dilla ft. Blu – Sun In My Face


A Tribe Called Quest ft. L.O.N.S. – Scenario



Two’s Day: 2 + 1 = Hip Hop

In this edition of Two’s Day, we’re going to combine 2 M’s – mathematics and music.

The equation? 2 + 1

The answer? Hip Hop

Our two selections are from dynamic duos that become super dynamic when you apply the proper mathematics. Don’t believe me? Watch how it works…


1. Run DMC + Jam Master Jay = Hip Hop


2. Phonte/Rapper Big Pooh + 9th Wonder = Hip Hop


What duo would you add to the list?


Two’s Day: Independence

Two’s Day. What is it? Great question. Two’s Day is a compilation of two songs (and maybe a bonus joint here and there) that fist a particular mood or theme or topic.

With the 4th of July right up the block, today’s theme is Independence. “Independence” seems like such a simple term to comprehend. It is defined as freedom from the control of others. But for some, that word is as abstract as Jackson Pollock painting. The two songs (and bonus “intro”) that I’ve selected for today paint a different picture. These songs give a different definition of what freedom and independence mean.


INTRO: Goodie Mob “Free”


SONG 1: Lupe Fiasco “American Terrorist”


SONG 2: Lauryn Hill “Mystery of Iniquity”



What songs would you add to the list?