Soulful Sunday: Lili K “Refreshing”

Lili K has been relatively unheard of after her beautiful voice graced that epic
track from Chance the Rappers – “Hey Ma”. Here is song called “Refreshing”
from her early stuff that I think is a raw, refreshing sound for this week’s Soulful Sunday.

Follow her on Twitter: @LiliKjazz


Submitted by John King


Two’s Day: Two For The Family

Family. There’s not much more important. Whether it’s the family you were born into or the family you gain through close friendships, the love is the same. Whoever they are, wherever they are, make sure they know you love them.

Here’s two for the family. Mine and yours.

John Legend – Don’t Have to Change

Mos Def ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses



– Peace and Love to the Preston Family

Not Enough MCs

There was a point in time where we all believed hip-hop was dead and gone. Slowly, but surely, it got its pulse back. Veterans were getting back to the basics and newcomers were providing fresh perspective. In the middle were (and are) a group of artists that kept the genre for completely killing over. Artists that didn’t make music for the radio. Or the club. Or the streets. They made music for the culture.

This joint right here, from Chicago’s own Sam-I-Am and Encyclopedia Brown, is definitely for the culture!


2 Many Rappers




Two’s Day: Two for the City

This one right here is for the city. Which city? My city. Chi City!

First up is a joint from my brother PREZ (@PREZart). This is from the PREZidential project, which is out right now as I type. Check it out here.

1. PREZ – PREZidential

Second on this great Two’s Day is a young duo, Kembe X and Alex Wiley. Super dope song and a real dope visual.

2. Kembe X and Alex Wiley – Don’t Quit

Salute to Chicago and the artists that rep the city well!