Two’s Day: Two For The Mental

Greetings good people! As most of you know, we’re in the midst of a pretty intense election season. Both parties have resorted to below-the-belt political tactics, avoided key issues during the debates, and provided countless hours of overtime for fact-checkers. Caught in the middle of all of the mudslinging are the people. Us. Citizens in search of the truth, which for some reasons seems to get further away as we get closer to election day.

So today’s two represent a little food for thinkers. A little something to wipe some of the mud from over your vision and see things from a non-political perspective.

Oddisee – American Greed
(from the album People Hear What They See)

Lauryn Hill – Mystery of Iniquity
(Editor’s Note: I don’t care how you critics felt about the Unplugged project, she went bonkers on this! Never gets old.)

What would you add to the list?


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