Head Over Heels

Copenhagen producer, Vindahl, teams up with Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj (or Coco for short…one half of supergroup Quadron) for this gem.

Head Over Heels


Two’s Day: Two For Potential

Confession: I’m a serial hoarder of potential. I store it up and live off the recognition that it does exist. I wear it like a “Hello, my name is…” sticker. And even if I don’t have the name tag on, the stench follows me wherever I go. People recognize and acknowledge it. And I use that acknowledgement as fuel…to keep potential on me at all times. Sounds crazy, right? I know.

Potential has proven to be both a gift and a curse. Don’t get me wrong, having it is awesome. It signifies future promise and progression. But having too much of it (stored up and unused) for too long signifies procrastination and a lack of vision relating to your purpose.

So what does all this mean? The answer is fairly simple: Move! Do something. Because doing something is far better than the alternative. Make a move. Move away from fear. Move towards your dreams. Listen to the compass that is your heart and move where it guides you. If you fail, so be it. Make another move. This isn’t like the video games where you run out of moves or have to collect thousands of digital coins to cash in for more moves. As long as you have breath to breathe, you have a move to make. Take that potential you’ve been hoarding and turn it into promotion. Allow it to escape that cocoon of uncertainty and fear and spread its wings. Allow it to take flight! Allow the beauty of your potential to be seen and admired.

Happy Two’s Day and cheers to your (and my) potential.

Mos Def – Umi Say

“…tomorrow may never appear. You better hold this very moment very close to you…don’t be afraid to let it shine”

The Roots ft. John Legend – The Fire

“You can’t escape the history that you were meant to make…”

What’s on your playlist?

Martin Parks x 5ifth Element

What happens when one amazing collaboration collaborates with one amazing producer? You get the new Martin Parks 3-track EP, Concluding Passages of a Revolution featuring production by 5ifth Element. This project is the audio representation of quality over quantity. 5ifth’s production blends perfectly with the voice and vibe of the Martin Parks collective.

Check out the EP below and follow the link to download it for free.

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5ifth Element on Twitter

Two’s Day: Two For Change

There’s a short list of things in life that are, both, guaranteed and inevitable. Among them is change.

Change is one of the most constant and consistent occurrences that I know of. In all forms, change is unavoidable. At times, it occurs without warning and imposes on our complacency. Other times it comes unexpectedly to our front doors to escort us away from our comfort zone. It’s one of those things you never really know how to properly prepare for. Regardless of how prepared you are, change will find you. It will, for lack of a better word, change you. It will introduce you to new experiences by turning you from old ones. It will show new dreams and bigger visions by waking you up from the nightmares that keep you sleep. It will introduce you to yourself. Over and over again. It forces you to grow. To move. To reconsider and readjust.

Change motivates. It inspires. And sometimes it even scares you to death. But with it comes new beginnings. At the end of an old chapter, change represents a fresh canvas for your new chapter to begin.

When change comes, appreciate and embrace it. Take that blank page and create your work of art.

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

“…it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feeling good”

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses

Draw some roses…and imagine happiness

What’s on your playlist?

Two’s Day: Two For The Journey

I had a revelation recently that led me to the conclusion that sometimes your journey is far more important than your destination. Yes, knowing where you’re going is critical. Having a destination, i.e. goals, is extremely significant. I can’t deny or downplay that fact. But the moment you’ve determined where you’re going (whether through divine purpose or personal determination) you have to actually get there. And that’s the hard part.

To better illustrate, think about one of your goals. Imagine you had a “life” GPS where you could enter that goal and get immediate turn-by-turn directions. Just like the GPS app on your smartphone, it gives you landmarks and shortcuts and several alternate routes. Seems simple. But the true journey is in what that GPS doesn’t provide. It doesn’t tell you about the potholes or road closures. It doesn’t mention the rush hour traffic or speed bumps. Doesn’t warn you about the turbulence or how your vehicle will handle difficult terrains.

Once your destination is set in your mind, you have to prepare for the journey. The journey is where character is built and tested. The journey is where you have the opportunity to apply lessons learned from past experiences. The journey is where you realize how patient (or for impatient) you really are. It’s where the value of your principles is appraised. Will you lash out at slow moving traffic or will you take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery? Will you recognize the rain or the rainbow?

So today, here’s two for the journey! Happy Two’s Day!

Common ft. Cee-Lo – G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition)

PJ Morton – Mountains and Molehills

What’s on your journey playlist? What songs motivate you to face your journey?

Who Got Jokes?

What’s black, blue, orange, maroon, white and funny as hell? Alright, stop guessing. I’ll tell you. It’s Clark Jones! The comedian and Chicago native is a fellow Whitney Young Dolphin (blue and orange), Morehouse (maroon and white) alum, and member of comic collective, The Starting Five. I had a chance to connect with the homey and ask him a few questions. If jokes are what you need, Clark Jones got those!

1. Some comics tell jokes and some comics tell stories or give their perspective on real life situations. Is one approach any safer than the other? And which side would you fall on?

Anything is fair game to me. Anybody has the potential to be offended by any joke you make, so I say tell whatever joke you think is funny and just always know exactly where the emergency exits are in a comedy club.

2. Is there any part of culture that has a bigger impact on your material? Art? Music? Current affairs? Other comics?

I love current events because its the gift that keeps on giving. But music is my first love and I have always considered myself as a comedic artist. Being from Chicago, clowning people is just a part of life. So my answer is all of them.

3. The “remix” is a huge part of the music. If you could remix any joke from any comedian, what would it be?

Anything from Chris Rock’s “Bring the Pain” especially Niggers vs. Black folk (I would want music behind me too)

4. Most major artists that we love now started off as an opening act for some bigger artist. What comedian (past or present) would you love to open up for? Who would you hate to open up for?

I would love to open for Al Jolson, the cat who did minstrel shows. It would be hilarious to open up as a Black comic doing witty, observational punchy humor then have him come out dancing around in blackface like a damn fool. But, there’s no one I would hate opening up for, ahem.

5. I don’t know if you’d agree, but I’d say that the golden era for music, specifically hip hop, was the 90’s. What would you say the golden era of comedy was/is?

The 80’s was a great time because thats when comics had more freedom to speak on anything because of the doors opened by Richard Pryor and George Carlin. A lot of good and bad came out of the 90’s as far as stand up goes.

6. Is there anything you hate worse than people asking you to “say something funny” when you tell them you’re a comedian?

Nahhh, but people suggesting that I “hit up the Tonight Show” or Oprah is a close second.

7. How does being from Chicago shape you as a performer?

It definitely gives my performances an edge, specifically being form the southside. However, that same upbringing makes me trust people less. to the point where I have had an audience laughing and I’m standing there thinking “why they think that joke about a Black crackhead is so funny?”

8. A lot of what goes into being a great artist is timing and wittiness. Artists like Kanye, Mos Def, and MF Doom are great examples of that. How much does that lend itself to comedy?

Your entire career as a comedian is based on timing. It can make or break a joke. And your success truthfully is about coming a long at the right time, if Cosby was getting started around the Def Comedy Jam era he would probably never get booked, he would be a teacher.

9. What songs or artists would appear on the “Clark Got Jokes” soundtrack based on your career so far?

A lot of Curtis Mayfield records…”Keep on Pushin” “Its Alright” “move on up” he made being persistent and fighting for what you want seem like a cool and hip thing to do. Thats the basis for me being a comedian, it goes against everything that it may seem like I would have been as a college graduate and Master’s degree holder, I should be in somebody’s office, but Im following my passion. So add on anything with “misunderstood” in the title or my favorite “I got a Story to tell” by Biggie.

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