Two’s Day: Two For The Good

Good is often a very lonely adjective. In a society that has a healthy obsession with “great”, few people ever want to claim it. No one ever wants to just be good at anything. Or have a good day. Or do a good deed. If it’s not exceptionally great, it’s as if it doesn’t count at all. We spend countless hours in search of perfection. We self-proclaim our excellence and expertise over popular topics. We completely ignore small victories when they fall short of absolute dominance. Small, incremental progression becomes unacceptable. We want to be the ‘Michael Jordan’ of our profession and the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of our past-time. Winning the war isn’t enough if the battle record isn’t immaculate and without blemish.

In most cases, we applaud, admire, and encourage those that chase greatness. But like anything done to the extreme and beyond moderation, complications sometimes arise. The problem with this aggressive pursuit of greatness is that we sometimes forget to just be good. We develop a tunnel vision that blocks out anything and everything we may encounter on our climb to the summit. Cheers of accomplishments are drowned out by the voice in our head telling us that good just isn’t good enough.

When we deprive the world of our good, we potentially hinder someone else’s great. When we don’t take the time to recognize our own good, we tend to miss our true value. We give a blind eye to all of the good things we’ve accomplished, learned, taught, etc., that lend themselves to our overall greatness. So today, take a break from your journey to greatness and just be good. Take a minute to appreciate that good and imperfect things around you. Do something good for someone around you. Don’t worry about the extremes, the absolute, the flawless. Just be in the now…with the good.

Schoolboy Q ft. BJ the Chicago Kid and Punch I’m Good

“I know I’m not perfect…and I know what you see ain’t what it’s gon be cause I know my worth”

Slakah the Beatchild ft. Drake Share

“…take what you want, but you gotta share it with the world”

What’s in your playlist?


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