Two’s Day: Two For The Originals

Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka Sean Jean aka Take that, take that may be hailed as the King of the Remix, or maybe more appropriate, the Remake. But re-purposing beat breaks and bass lines had been almost standard in hip hop since its inception in the ‘70’s. DJs and producers would take classic and popular dance, funk, and jazz songs and create something fresh. Something for a newer generation to take and make their own. An interpolation of some of the greatest instrumentation and music created in overlapping eras of musical culture. And in our enthusiasm to embrace our own piece of culture and expand it and establish it among other respected genres, we tend to overlook, ignore, or just under-appreciate the origin of some of our favorite music.

It is important that we take time to understand the ingredients of what we consume. As lovers of music, we get a song on a platter, fall in love with the flavor, and just eat. We have no clue what pieces and parts came together to make the product we enjoy. Occasionally, we have to excuse ourselves from the table and journey into the kitchen. We have to look at the labels and see what master chefs contributed to our meal plan. The musicians who didn’t have machines and sound effects and auto-tune. Musicians who recorded masterpieces in one take on one track. So, let’s all put our knives and forks down and take a minute to appreciate the originals.

Quincy Jones – Summer in the City

— Used as a sample for The Pharcyde‘s “Passin’ Me By” and The Roots “Clones”

Ohio Players – Ecstacy

— Used as a sample for Jay-Z ft Notorious BIG “Brooklyn’s Finest”

I included this because the first 20 seconds of this song are probably the most sampled (most random) 20 seconds of music in hip hop…

Mountain – Long Red (Live)

What are some of your favorite originals? What would you add to the playlist?


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