Two’s Day: Two For Live Performances

The only thing better than good music is good live music. Whether it’s live from the stage of a sold out show, the studio, or from the sidewalk (re: Lake Street Dive), few things trump the feeling of seeing/hearing live instruments being played underneath real, non-computer-assisted vocals. It’s like watching a painter fill a canvas with a familiar masterpiece. Or seeing a sculptor recreate intricate features of a famous face down to the freckles that usually go unnoticed. As if music wasn’t powerful enough, a live performance can take an artist from likable to legendary. It exposes an artist – for better or for worse.

This Two’s Day, we salute live talent. Raw vocals. Instrumentation. Music.

Bilal – Is This Love (Bob Marley cover)

This is probably my third time posting this…yes, it’s that dope!

Hiatus Kaiyote – Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

If you don’t know them yet, please make yourself familiar

What have been some of your favorite live performances? Who would you like to see perform live?


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