Content is Key

The best way to avoid judging a book by its cover is to attempt to understand its content. The pages that make it what it is. Have you ever seen a book that has been translated or reprinted or just offered at several different bookstores? It often has different covers – things about it that make it seem very different, dated, or new. But beyond the front cover, the content is exactly the same. Paperback or hard-cover. Large print or an ebook. The content is key.

What makes you relevant? What makes your pages worth reading? Is it the design of your cover? Or the value you add to the reader? By “value”, I don’t mean you have to be a living, breathing Wikipedia. If we lived in a world where everybody knew everything, we’d all know nothing (Yes, that makes sense). The truth is you don’t have to know everything to teach someone something. You don’t have to graduate Magna Cum Laude from an Ivy League institution to add value to the people around you. We’re all students. At all times. Which in a way makes us all teachers. It’s cyclical. There is always something to learn and something to teach the same way there’s always someone eager to learn and someone in desperate need of a lesson.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are what we eat. And what makes a great student and effective teacher is the food. Most of what makes us who we are is the content that we consume. The value we place on the information available to us says a lot about who we are or who we want to become. It shapes our reality. When it comes to content, you put out what you take in. When you provide substance, you attract like-minded people with the same desire to eat healthy. And when you put out enough junk food, you start to attract “junkies”. This attraction, in either scenario, creates the wings that propel you or the limits that restrain you.

Proper growth requires proper grooming. It requires you to nurture the seeds that were and are planted. And that requires you to be conscious of the seeds being sown in your soil. You can’t plant apple seeds and expect oranges. And you can’t eat spoons full of sugar and expect the same results you’d get eating vegetables. Be smart. Eat healthy.