Read: The More Things Change by Ronnie Jolla

This platform is all about the art. Creativity. Expression. And I haven’t moved far from just sharing music in awhile. That all changes now with this piece, The More Things Change, written by good friend of the blog, Ronnie Jolla. This piece is from his upcoming book, Wilted Roses, which is due to be released in the Fall.

The More Things Change

…the more that time rewinds.

The nightly news is a noose
A nationally syndicated ruse
Passing out video pamphlets
of anti-Black propaganda.
They meet by day & night
& strike whenever they like.
Now TV is the new town hall,
yielding a 9 o’clock greeting,
making sure that agendas
and prejudices are well-fed,
dismissing the crowd right after breakfast & before bed.

The middle of the night, we lie awake.
Clutching our children
& bearing our crosses
As we try to prevent them from becoming our next losses.

Try not to absorb the devils’ ways.

Ingesting subconscious hate leads to heartburn
the heartburn makes you hesitant
Hesitation clears the way
for fear to take residence
Waking up the next day
just to try & make nightfall.
Hold on.

Pastor says God comes in the darkest hour
Moments before devils appear, burning invisible crosses
Trying to scorch our faith away thru a everyday gateway
Taking heavenly pleasure in passing out doses of Hell
It is in these moments that you realize that God has arrived
Within you is a new light, dissimilar to the fire set ablaze to the outside world;
A light that shines with righteous desire
To protect what doesn’t deserve to burn:
Your days, your dreams…you.
Be Heaven on Earth in the midst of the Hellish kind
Your strength doesn’t rely on creating the rules: live the daily reminder
Be the ones that they cannot stop for shit.
But God, please don’t forget
to feel the moments in life or you’ve already died
& been mourned and accused on the daily news.

To read more from Jolla, check out his website


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