Who Are We?

What’s good people?

The purpose of this site is for us to provide our thoughts about music, sports, entertainment, and everything else that we love about the culture.  After meeting the homie G, it was obvious that we both had a strong passion for music and shared strong opinions about life in general. We felt that it was necessary that the world hear our thoughts because, shit, it’s so much ignorance out there that it’s time for the realness to be heard.

If you are in search of the latest dance craze, this aint that.

If you’re looking for that radio rap with no substance, this aint that.

If your favorite artist is in the project hallways talking bout how he be in the projects all day, this aint that.

What this is, is the home of the real.  Real lyricism, real artistry, real thoughts, real people.

Look for us to introduce you to some of the dopest artist, producers, and writers that the game has to offer.  Also, we wanna provide those talented individuals an outlet to get their stuff heard.  So, if you know some of those individuals or you happen to be nice, holla at us ASAP. (thisaintthatonline@gmail.com)  Again, we appreciate you stopping by and we look forward to bringing you the realness!!!

Peace and Love


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