The Cover Up: Quadron

My favorite Danish duo, Quadron, makes musical magic. Check out their cover of Lauryn Hill’s classic single, Ex-Factor.


Two’s Day: Two For The Mental

Greetings good people! As most of you know, we’re in the midst of a pretty intense election season. Both parties have resorted to below-the-belt political tactics, avoided key issues during the debates, and provided countless hours of overtime for fact-checkers. Caught in the middle of all of the mudslinging are the people. Us. Citizens in search of the truth, which for some reasons seems to get further away as we get closer to election day.

So today’s two represent a little food for thinkers. A little something to wipe some of the mud from over your vision and see things from a non-political perspective.

Oddisee – American Greed
(from the album People Hear What They See)

Lauryn Hill – Mystery of Iniquity
(Editor’s Note: I don’t care how you critics felt about the Unplugged project, she went bonkers on this! Never gets old.)

What would you add to the list?

Two’s Day: Independence

Two’s Day. What is it? Great question. Two’s Day is a compilation of two songs (and maybe a bonus joint here and there) that fist a particular mood or theme or topic.

With the 4th of July right up the block, today’s theme is Independence. “Independence” seems like such a simple term to comprehend. It is defined as freedom from the control of others. But for some, that word is as abstract as Jackson Pollock painting. The two songs (and bonus “intro”) that I’ve selected for today paint a different picture. These songs give a different definition of what freedom and independence mean.


INTRO: Goodie Mob “Free”


SONG 1: Lupe Fiasco “American Terrorist”


SONG 2: Lauryn Hill “Mystery of Iniquity”



What songs would you add to the list?

Hills and Valleys


Timeless [taym lis]: referring or restricted to no particular time


There are few things in life that are worthy of the timeless title. Let’s be clear – there’s a number of things that people may consider classic. And that’s almost (in my opinion) just as great of a position to be in. But there is a difference. Some things can be classic for a specific era or place in time. What my father would’ve considered classic in his heyday might have very well been. But in the year 2010, that same “classic” is quite possibly outdated, overlooked, or just uncool.

So what is timeless, you ask? In the world of fashion, there may be that one pair of Nikes that will never go out of style or lose their value. In certain neighborhoods in my hometown, box Chevys and Buicks get tagged timeless. On any dancefloor in America, at any given time, you can catch somebody break out into a timeless rendition of the Robot. But if we’re talking about one of my favorite subjects – music – timeless can be found pretty much everywhere. From the timeless voice of Billie Holiday and Marvin Gaye to the timeless playing of Thelonious Monk and B.B. King.

In an effort to make it more plain and/or current, albums like Erykah’s Mama’s Gun and the Mos Def-Talib Kweli Black Star collaboration are timeless. Whenever the current brand of music gets unbearable, I can count on those albums to make me feel better about the art form. But today I want to spotlight one artist in particular. An artist that has stood the test of time. An artist that, regardless of past or current (in)activity has remained relevant and very visible on most Top 10 lists. Regardless of genre or gender, one of the best artists of our lifetime – Lauryn Hill.

With only one official solo album, 12 year old The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill, she has managed to keep a solidified seat at the table with the all-time greats. There isn’t a single solitary song off that album that you can’t play today and not get excited as if it were your first time hearing it. Vocally better than the majority of the singers getting heavy rotation nowadays and lyrically superior to {insert your favorite rapper’s name here}. I know…you might read this and say “Wow, he’s putting a lot on it”. And you may be right (even though you’re wrong). But the truth of the matter is, whenever music hits that decline and reaches it’s valley…Lauryn Hill remains high atop the mundane. Standing comfortably on the mounds of artists and albums that have perished with time.

Partake…pay attention…and partake again


Guarding the Gates


The World is a Hustle


Mystery of Iniquity


Zealots w/The Fugees – (she said “and even after all my logic and my theory, I add a motherf*cker so you ignant n!ggas hear me”)


The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill


Tell Him


Final Hour