Listen: Mr. Write – “No Options”

Check out the second single from his upcoming album, Coded Language 2.


Listen: ChiIll Factor x OPlus – “The Return”

Chicago camp of emcees, ChiIll Factor, reunite for a collaboration with fellow Chicagoan, OPlus.

Check out Just1, Kev, OPlus, Gee_O, PREZ, and Mr. Write on The Return:

The Time Is Write

Homonym [hom-uh-nim]: a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning and spelling. Example: Right and Write.

Right, we know to be directional or correct and in accordance. While Write is defined as the act of composing and, more recently, as Emcee. For proof of the latter, meet Chicago native and burgeoning artist, MR. WRITE.


I recently had the opportunity to connect with Windy City writer to discuss everything from his writing process to who would write his biography. Check out the full interview and download the album below.

Much of music, especially hip hop, is built on storytelling. And most storytellers have a process when it comes to writing. What does the MR. WRITE process look like?

Most of the time I’d say it depends on the music. A lot of the time (especially when we cut records with samples in them), the beat sort of tells its own story, and I, as the writer, just add my perception of said story. I get a lot of my inspiration from driving in the car and watching television. It’s just something about driving with that new track in the car that just tells me “where to go”. I get a lot of ideas also via television commercials. Whoever comes up with some of the car company slogans are geniuses. So I’ll take one of those slogans and try to write something pertaining to that subject.

Who is your favorite storyteller (could be anybody – dead or alive, musician or not)?

My favorite story tellers: From a rap perspective? Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Ghostface. Ghostface tells a story EVERY time he rhymes. He’s incredible at that. Other people who I’d consider a favorite are people like Smokey Robinson, R.Kelly, The-Dream and Missy Elliot. Look at any of the artists they’ve written records for and I’m willing to bet those artists have one hell of a story for a song.

You’ve mentioned in a few of your songs your appreciation for words and language. What is your favorite word? Why?

Awesome. Awesome just personifies any and everything good. There’s no ambiguity ( <—-Another favorite.. LOL ) when that word is used. And I like to pattern my music so that the listener can feel that what they’re hearing is awesome!

Fellow Chicago emcee, Common, has a biographical song dedicated to Assata Shakur titled “A Song For Assata”. If you could pen anyone’s musical biography, who would it be?

Great question! I think I’d have to say Spike Lee. He’s never caught a brick as it pertains to film! Not one bad movie! If I have the proper amount of time to research him, I feel I could tell his story using mainly the titles of his movies and character names. I think that would be cool.

What writer would you pick to pen your biography?

I wrote a line in a song called “Write’s World” that said, “..won’t let my friends describe me, you’ll just get it misconstrued.” So I’m not too sure. Probably my mother. She’ll make me look good.

Aight, so Chicago is known for being a city of haters (unfortunately) when it comes to supporting local talent. And, for better or for worse, we’re also known for our politics. As an artist, how would you campaign to Chicagoans on behalf of all artists in the city?

“SUPPORT WHAT YOU LIKE. IGNORE WHAT YOU DON’T.” That would be the focal point of my campaign. I feel like we (as in Chicagoans), have to give a dissertation to explain why we hate something. If we just ignored what we didn’t like, whether it be music, people, anything; I think we’d be in a better place. I can’t remember ever having to stop doing what I love with the people I have love for to give credence to or even speak about something I dislike. If a song
comes on in a party that I don’t like, I order more drinks…LOL. We can easily substitute the things we dislike with more things we like. “SUPPORT WHAT YOU LIKE. IGNORE WHAT YOU DON’T.” Simple.

All of the major regions have had significant movements where there’s an explosion of music and artists that on the national stage. These movements are usually made more official by the level of support from all the artists in that region. For some reason, it seems like we’ve (Chicago) never been able to create a real movement on that level. Why do you think that is?

I believe a lot of it stems from the key word of the last question you asked; Hate. I can’t lie. I’ve heard other artists who I’ve felt I’ve had the upper hand on content/talent/skill wise and thought, “Seriously??” But I had to (quickly) realize that as long as I worry about others, then I’m essentially shittin’ on myself! I think a lot of us have a mentality similar that. But I also see that the city is coming together in a major way.

If you could work with any local artists in an effort to create a real movement, who would you connect with?

I think what Rockie Fresh is doing is awesome for the city. He gives a perspective not seen in a lot of music coming from Chicago, kind of similar to how Lupe and Kanye did. I tend to think I’m on that same wavelength as well. I like a lot of YP’s music. And there’s also so many people who’s stuff I hear and I’m just amazed at the amount of talent in Chicago. Personally, I’m willing to work with just about anyone if they want to see Chicago on top like I do.

To date, what is your favorite MR. WRITE project/song? Why?

My favorite project is the current album, Coded Language. I think it totally embodies what I’ve gone through as it pertains to life and the pursuit of making a name for myself in the music industry. I have a LOT of favorite songs. Too many to name.

Mr. Write's latest project, Coded Language

Hip hop artists are tasked with the job of painting pictures through their lyrics. What would your painting look like?

I would want the listener to liken my ‘paintings” to the experiences that led them to view it. I remember being in the the record store and trying to decide between Reasonable Doubt and The Score. I remember speeding like shit to get to a record store before it closed just so I could get Supreme Clientele the day before it came out. So I want that painting to not only look incredible, but I want a lasting memory that the listener can keep with them forever.

What songs/artists would be featured on the soundtrack to the MR. WRITE movie?

“Imaginary Player” by Jay-Z. “Hypnotize” by Biggie. “The Flyest” by Nas and AZ, “Devil In A Blue Dress” by Kanye West and Rick Ross. “There’ll Never Be” by Switch…I could go on for days. The MR. WRITE movie would really be more about the score than the actual plot. Think about Project X or Bad Boys II. The score in those movies are damn near more memorable than the actual films.

And there you have it…you have officially been granted access to the world of MR. WRITE.

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