The Color of Music

Imagine for a moment that you were in a room by yourself. And in this room is a CD player iPod connected to 2 huge speakers. Now, this room is incomplete. No color. You’re surrounded by pure white. You start to shuffle through the iPod and each song y0u select adds color to your environment. The speakers are blaring, not just sound, but color. Every snare, every kick, every chord adds to the liveliness of the room. Every song has a mood. And every mood has a complexion.

For the next few days, I want to add some color to your canvas. Let’s explore the many colors of music.

Cee-Lo Green



Aloe Blacc

Let’s see…so far we’ve covered Green, Red, Blue, and Black. Tune in tomorrow for some new flavor. In the meantime, let us know your favorite color of music!


New Kanye West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Devil in a New Dress”

In a year where hiphop has reigned supreme, Mr. West is cooking up an Lp that has the potential to be one of best albums of our generation.  Every Friday for the last month or so, Kanye and the G.O.O.D music family have released new material.  The latest joint, “Devil in a New Dress,” is straight flames!  This SHIT RIGHT HERE is something I just wanna throw on and reminisce to.  Ye has to have one of the most creative minds in the game.  The way he creates and chooses beats and spits to them is un-matched.  Some say Ye can be a bit over the top at times, I say he’s expressing who he is.  Regardless of what you think, I believe that we can agree that if the joints being released are any indication of what’s to come from Kanye, then we are definitely in for a treat.

“Devil in a New Dress”